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Before your operation

Pre-operation examinations (for non-urgent operations)
Most of our operations are carried out under local or loco-regional anaesthesia and under pneumatic tourniquet, i.e. without loss of blood.

A complete health check-up with blood count, laboratory tests, ECGs, etc. is not systematically required. Any ongoing acute or chronic illness must nevertheless be declared (e.g. diabetes, allergy, haemophilia, epilepsy, chronic hepatitis, HIV, etc.); the same holds for any former illness which has left sequelae (e.g. heart disease, heart attack, stomach ulcer, etc.).

Current medication should also be declared: anticoagulants, aspirin, neuroleptics, antihypertensive agents, etc. If you have any doubts or questions, discuss these with your doctor or surgeon.

If necessary, the pre-operative assessment will be requested by your doctor, surgeon or anaesthetist.

Skin preparation and sterile measures
We would ask you to return to the centre or clinic at the indicated time.

You must remove your rings, cut your nails (optional for women), remove nail varnish (except for permanent varnish) and shower in the morning.

Once you enter the operating room, you will be directed to a changing room where you can leave your things in a secure locker. You will be accompanied and will change some of your everyday clothes for “surgical” clothing, which will be explained to you by the person who admits you.

The skin in the area for the operation will be cleaned and shaved as necessary. Before major operations, your limb will be packaged in a sterile cloth to preserve it from further contamination.

Once installed on the surgical table, the area to be operated will be carefully painted with a disinfectant solution (please inform us of any allergies: iodine, mercury, etc.), ensuring sterilisation of all of the surrounding areas.