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Healthcare Team

Healthcare Team

Care and dressings are provided by registered nurses and medical assistants.

Their knowledge in the fields of sterilisation, wound treatment and radiation protection is regularly updated through continuing education courses.

Scrub nurses – welcome and prepare patients, admit them and assist surgeons during their operations.

Training for future nurses
Supervision by our practitioner who trains nursing students studying for a BA degree during their practical training at the hospital, in collaboration with the HES-SO [University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland].

Contacts and assistance
Nurses are there to hear any questions you may have and which you may not always ask the surgeon who is treating you: please do not hesitate to ask them for clarification or additional information, if anything is bothering you!

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Camille Pontier

Julie Sappey

Hélène Buatois

Melissa Herbsmeyer

Nicole Henriques

Najma Akchouch Bathily

Deborah Petullà

Medical Assistant

Christine Hofmann

Medical Devices Technologist

Joana Santos

Lucille Cabellic