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Basic insurance *: can I have a consultation or an operation with you?


All outpatient visits and operations (without spending a night at the hospital or clinic), as well as occupational therapy treatments are open to all insured persons and are reimbursed through basic insurance under the AML – Health Insurance Act.

If you need to go through your general practitioner in order to consult a specialist, ask him/her for a voucher and present it to the reception at your arrival at the Clinique de la Main [Hand Clinic].

All outpatient treatments performed at the Main Clinic are charged at the TARMED rate. (*Not applicable for international insurances)

Basic insurance reimburses you for 90% of the costs in the event of illness (after deduction of any deductible, the amount of which varies according to each insurance policy) and 100% of the costs, in the event of an accident. No additional insurance is required.

Please remember to bring your insurance card on your first visit or if you have changed your insurer.

If you have to have surgery at another clinic and spend one or more nights there (hospitalisation):

Supplementary insurance policies (CAA-Insurance Supplements Act) cover the costs of surgery and hospital admission under each policy: check with your insurance policy or directly with your insurer to find out what is actually covered and at which facilities (some clinics are not recognised by some insurers).

Our secretaries will be happy to ask your insurer and may request a guarantee of reimbursement.

If you need to be hospitalised for illness and you do not have additional insurance cover for hospital admission in the clinic (private or semi-private), the costs are not reimbursed and will be your responsibility. You may be provided with an estimate of the amount of these expenses.

In the event of an accident, the employer’s LAA (Injury Insurance Act) insurance (SUVA, for example) will pay the full costs of hospitalisation and treatment at the clinic, including the surgeon’s fees. According to the employer’s agreement, you may be hospitalised in an open, private or semi-private ward, with the advantage of being able to choose the surgeon who will operate on and monitor you.

In the event of an accident and if you are employed, please ensure that you announce your case to your employer, who must then forward this to your LAA insurer, which will cover the costs incurred. You will also be given an “LAA accident sheet” to present at each consultation and on which the degree and duration of your incapacity for work (if applicable) will be recorded by your administering doctor or surgeon, who will take care of you.